RPA process capturing made easy and efficient

QAutoCAPTURE is a versatile and robust tool for capturing RPA processes.

Visualization of a RPA process combined with a flow chart help the communication between the business and developers and make creating and using new processes extremely fluid.

Using QAutoCAPTURE is extremely simple and straightforward. The program is used to create screenshots and video of process paths with descriptions and a visual chart. This paths can then be used to create scripts for software robots.

Simple to use

Simple example of use could be that a user defines a spot on the screen by drawing that requires an action (a mouse click, filling a form, executing a program etc.) and gives it a description (“click this button”). QAutoCAPTURE creates a “step” and adds it into the visual process chart. This chart can later be modified. The user can also capture a video from each step – very important if the desired action is more complex than a simple mouse click.

Complex process charts

QAutoCAPTURE supports A/B routing so the overal process doesn’t have to be linear. This helps to create customized paths for different users and enables defining different actions in e.g. problem situations (username/password doesn’t work, program crashes ertc.).

Compatibility: Windows

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