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QAutoCapture is a versatile tool that can be used for capturing RPA processes, tests, user guide flows, and more. In QAutomate we utilize mostly the RPA capturing to make the communication with our customers frictionless and efficient.

QAutoCapture enables you to capture the whole process that you would like to automate by marking the process steps and adding descriptions. It is easy to use and considerably improves the communication with your RPA developer.

The thing that makes QAutoCapture so revolutionary tool, is that it automatically creates comprehensive set of process files based on your actions in process capturing. Therefore, it is easy to share the process after capturing it.

Compatible: Windows

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Developer tool

QAutoflow is a Chrome extension for designing automated tests and robotic process automation (RPA). With QAutoflow UI you can flexibly create the user’s flow and paths. User flow can be transformed to Robot Framework script – QAutomate subscription.


QAutoflow UI idea is to collect user actions and browser data which can be transformed to Robot Framework scripts. User action can be normal mouse click, input keyboard events or verification steps. User flow creation enables also execution of existing Robot Framework keywords during creation. This will enable mixed web actions, API calls and external libraries. Since it is as simple as browsing, it will let new teammates to participate.

Key Features

Developer tool

  • QAutomate provides QAutorobot Visual Studio Code extension for develop robots and publish it to QAutocloud
  • QAutorobot VScode extension UI lets you design, debug and refactor robots and test easier.
  • It provides online debugging and inspecting tools direct connection with Browser
  • Developing with Visual Studio Code is free
  • It provides web view transforming flow process to Robot Framework scripts – QAutomate subscription

Robot control

QAutoCloud is a centralized robot management UI where you can deploy and manage your Robots. Manage your digital workforce on public cloud or on-premises. Execute, schedule, and trigger your robots and control Robot access management.

QAutoCloud is available Hosted Cloud, Hybrid, On-Premises

Key Features

Robot control

QAutoCloud client is desktop application which enables human to interact with robots. The human user will be able to interact and work together with the robots e.g human resources, finance or Customer service.

Our Robot Assistants are included QAutoCloud subscription. Get as many assistant as you need.

One script

QAutomate offers cost-efficient and extendable all-in-one solution. You can use created user flows for RPA, regression testing, end-user monitoring and load testing. 




Create your own RPA robots with QAutomate tool. Utilize easily QAutoRPA Orchestrator & Dashboard solution for executing and managing robots with cloud hosted or internal installation.

Service performance monitoring

Use existing flows for Performance Monitoring. Real cloud-based browsers provide monitoring instant insights and feedback from your service availability and end-user experience.

User Flow Creation Process

Step 1.

Design and visualize

Design & Create user flow path process with Browser extension

Visualize flow path documentation with HTML document

Step 2.

Transform and finalize

Transform user flow automatically to Robot Framework script

Finalize and Test script behaviour & execution

Step 3.

Maximize benefits

Utilize your flow to selected solutions

Unique approach top of open source

Add business people flows to automation