What is RPA and intelligent automation?

Intelligent automation optimizes and strenghtens businesses of all sizes with RPA solutions that are increasingly enhanced with AI.

RPA can e.g. boost businesses, cut down costs, and increase satisfaction by automating routine and recurring tasks and freeing up employees time for more meaningful and impactful tasks.


Our RPA products offer a flexible and cost-efficient way to automate business’ valuable processes.

Intelligent automation ensures optimizations and savings for businesses of all sizes.


Strenghten your business with ready RPA solution packages.

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and intelligent automation packages always include technical support and introduction – with a cost efficient price.

Through Us you will get professional turnkey solutions for all needs and business sizes.

In addition we offer open source based RPA and AI products and services packages.

What are software robots used for?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be utilized in businesses of all sizes and any field. It can automate financial management, application processing, andinformation handling. In addition RPA can be helpful in integration and migration plus use AI to gather and process data from different sources.

Software robots execute previously defined service processes and workflows using existing APIs and systems. A sfotware robot can operate 24/7 withouth getting tired, is faster than human, and doesn’t do human errors with 100% trackability and reports.

RPA technology

QAutomate’s RPA platform is based on open source Robot Framework and Python. Our products and solution packages with our maintenance services are cost efficient and suitable for even small or medium small companies – without licensing fees.

Get started easily with our Accelerator service

In our Accelerator workshop we will map the most optimal processes, workflows, and tasks for automation with the client’s key personnel. This ensures a smooth start.

A client can decide if they want to start with a pilot or continue refining their existing automation processes based on the tasks, workflows, and processes identified in the previous step using RPA and AI.

Calculate Savings With Our Savings Calculator

Gain insight into possible savings with RPA using QAutomate Savings Calculator. With it you can do helpful calculations how robots can boost your business and save you money.

Frequently asked questions about RPA

Robotic process automation, RPA, intelligent automation. Knwon by many names, here are our most frequent questions and answers about RPA.

Intelligent robot assistant

The term RPA comes from the words Robotic Process Automation. This means automation of different tasks with robots sometimes coupled with AI.

Where is RPA commonly used?

Our clients use robots in various tasks. In most cases it involves data processing:

Transfer or input of information, collecting, combining and refining data, comparing and checking information
Complementing system data by improving the quality of an existing registry or improving inputted data
Fast and cost efficient way to transfer information between systems
Validating and testing integration

The simplest use for a robot is to read emails, getting certain attachments and inputting this information into company’s system. These types of tasks are usually time consuming and unproductive compared to the times spent and extremely tedious.

With a software robot routine tasks can be automated, giving employees time to focus on more productive and pleasant things. Happy worker is the best worker, so re-organizing the workload is guaranteed to pay itself back.

Open source all the way

Our RPA solutions are based on open source Robot Framework and Python.

Focus on essentials

At best a software robot can almost completely take care of so called “pointless tasks”. This includes reading emails, checking work schedules, proofreading applications, payroll and countless other tasks that are repetitive, time consuming and dull.

Save time and money

There are many reasons to get a robot but the most important ones are time and money. If you can cut the hours needed to do a single tasks by 30% in a month it is obvious that you save money and can allocate time to more meaningful things. A big bonus is that as the job becomes more meaningful, it increases well-being at work – and this usually can be seen as hike in productivity.

We are here to help

Our RPA professionals are always ready to assess potential automation targets and come up with an optimal solution based on the customer’s needs.

We always start with mapping the needs and planning the execution. In the assessment stage we aim to get a clear picture of the whole operation and also call into question the current processes and figure out how a robot could streamline them and make the whole operation easier to manage.

We have experience on how to take full advantage of RPA from over a hundred cases with our customers and our process of implementing robotics is efficient, straightforward and non-intrusive making it easy for our customers.

Contact us and we’ll set up a time to discuss RPA more!

Get started quickly

A robot can be set up surprisingly quickly. With our new tools you can easily define the workflow of your robot (what needs to be done and in what order) and monitor them.

A feasible solution

You only need a modest investment to start using a software robot. Also the robot doesn’t usually have any outside costs so the benefits will show very quickly.

No special skills required

No. A simple desktop robot (a helper that operates desktop software for you) is fairly easy to operate and manage. In larger projects and especially with robots that need to operate between different systems the required knowledge increases but with the help of our professionals even setting up a complex RPA solution and its maintenance is straightforward and easy.

No replacement for humans

RPA will not replace us but with its help time is freed for more important and meaningful tasks. Good examples are focusing on customer service instead of dull routines and furthermore improving the whole customer experience.

It is important to understand that the software robot is a tool that works alongside a person doing only the tasks assigned to it. Therefore it is crucial to identify where automation is needed and teach the robot to operate accordingly. Humans are needed to monitor them and solve situations that the robot cannot.

A software robot frees time to more meaningful things such as innovation, improving the business as a whole, social interaction, personal customer service, finding logic in the illogical and many other skills unique to us that a robot can never master.

The power of AI

With AI you can make predictions, read and process text better and teach the robot to operate autonomously in certain situations. For example when reading a PDF the AI evaluates how well each piece of text is read and informs the user if something needs to be checked manually. This is also a good example why humans are need alongside the robots.

Compatible with all systems

No. RPA doesn’t require system integration and therefore is fast to implement and benefits can be seen quickly after it has been launched. Additional robots can also be activated when needed without considerable costs. 

Do we need to make software changes when using RPA?

Using a software robot doesn’t require any changes to the software used since the robot uses them just like a human – just without the mistakes and getting tired.

Stop wasting time

A robot can take away almost all of the so called “pointless” tasks so you can focus on what’s essential to the company. Repetitive, time-consuming and dull routines can indeed be delegated to a robot.

Let’s save time and money. If you can cut the hours needed to do a single tasks by 30% in a month it is obvious that you save money and can allocate time to more productive things. As a big plus the job becomes more meaningful, increasing well-being at work – and this usually can be seen as hike in productivity.

A robot doesn’t need breaks and works tirelessly – 24/7 if needed. A robot solution has a deeper meaning too. It helps reducing mistakes and the freed up time can be utilized for more productive tasks such as customer service and increasing sales.

A robotic solution relies on finding the right targets for automation and proper utilization. The best results are achieved when RPA is used to extensively boost everyday tasks. The more repetition, the more savings and benefits are realized. When manual labor is completely automated, the benefits become substantial.

Easy to track

One of the great things about RPA is that it can be monitored easily and the different reports bring real transparency to the processes. With RPA you lead with information because it offers vast range of data about events and performance. The reports automatically show completed tasks and possible problems but also changes in the efficiency of operations. Based on this information workflow and processes can be improved.

No human mistakes


Humans make mistakes and sometimes they occur while programming the robot. In those situations we can see errors in the robot’s actions. Even these mistakes can easily be tracked down and fixed. With careful programming and testing the mistakes can be eliminated and are extremely rare.

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