Check and monitor your digital service’s accessibility during it’s lifespan.

Accessibility first, usability in mind.

QAutoEQual is a new and innovative tool to assess the accessibility of online services. The tool uses QualWeb technology that is verified as a valid technology in EU.

Using Robot Framework

QAutoEQual integrates into Robot Framework bringing accessibility testing easily into your testing toolbox.  QAutoEQual analyzes the accessibility of an online service even in the design and development phase, giving an opportunity for proactive assessement. Integration makes it easy to incorporate it to existing testing routines helping with the testing process.

Juridiciary requirements such as EU’s accessibility directive set certain requirements for online services that QAutoEQual helps solve. The tool offers automation in ensuring accessibility using Aluehallintavirasto’s (AVI) QualWeb technology.

Clear reporting

The reports offer a clear view of the accessibility violations and observations. It helps to score the current service with WCAG A, AA, and AAA levels. The reports give a comprehensive picture of the shortcomings and ways to fix them.

QAutoEQual offers a package that offers an on-going quality control that works especially well with dynamic online services. Ensure your service’s critical accessibility requirements and make sure that it is monitored pro-actively even in design and development stages.

Changes to the digital service law

The digital service law has been changed that affect broader range of services and operators.

The services have to be in compliance with the new law by 28th of June 2025. An operator should aknowledge this well beforehand. We will gladly help with this, so be welcome and contact us!

Our QAutoEQual automates the assessement of current state of accessibility and produces a report with possible fixes. Aside from QAutoEQual we offer variety of accessibility services in cooperation with Q-Factory.

More info on the law can be found on Aluehallintavirasto’s (AVI) site.

Adapts to different uses.

Multiple reporting and configuration options.

Uses the WCAG standard with A, AA, and AAA classifications.


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