Robot - Human's best mate

We at QAutomate are committed to creating reliable and robust RPA solutions suitable for all kinds of fields from construction to healthcare.

Our RPA products are versatile, expandable and tailorable to suit every need.

Our products

Our RPA products range from developer and business operations solutions to test automation. With these tools you can do process modeling, robot management and maintenance, exploratory and script testing and more.

The Benefits of RPA

Robotic Process Automation is a versatile tool that can improve and benefit your business in many ways. Read more about how our robots can make your life easier and more profitable.


Wondering about RPA? Got questions about robots? We got you covered. We have compiled 15 frequently asked questions and answers to help navigate the world of Robotic Process Automatisation.

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Our highly skilled and experienced specialists together with our productized services guarantee the successful RPA and quality assurance for your products.

We listen to our customers and create improvements based on their needs and ideas. Some new features are first released as “experimental”, so that everyone can take advantage of them beforehand and give feedback if they like.

Our aim is to be the most versatile, powerful and suitable solution for RPA and Test Automation.

One script to rule them all

Our robot scripts are a cost-efficient and extendable all-in-one solutions. You can use your created user flows for RPA, regression testing, end-user monitoring and load testing. This ensures that even if the environment changes, the script doesn’t.




Create your own RPA robots with QAutomate tool. Utilize easily QAutoRPA Orchestrator & Dashboard solution for executing and managing robots with cloud hosted or internal installation.


Service performance monitoring

Use existing flows for Performance Monitoring. Real cloud-based browsers provide monitoring instant insights and feedback from your service availability and end-user experience.

User Flow Creation Process

1. Design & visualize

  • Design & Create user flow path process with Browser extension
  • Visualize flow path documentation with HTML document

2. Transform & Finalize

  • Transform user flow automatically to Robot Framework script
  • Finalize and Test script behaviour & execution

3. Maximize benefits

  • Utilize your flow to selected solutions
  • Unique approach top of open source
  • Add business people flows to automation